• "Thou art I, and I am thou. From the sea of thy soul I cometh."

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    adds “we just caught our alternate universe selves making out and now everything is super awkward” to list of shipping tropes that need to be implemented everywhere

  • yeah ok but have you considered: this.

  • The Protagonist of P5

  • Persona 5 TGS Trailer

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    This is literally how it is for a non english speaker to perfect a word pronunciation!

    a vine by meshal al jaser

    Jesus this is gold

  • make me choose :: Shogo Makishima or Itachi Uchiha asked by shoukaze

  • "But we are together."





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  • The problem here is that these squealing man-children, so desperate to keep women out of their precious games, want it both ways. They want gaming to be taken seriously as a culture and art form, while at the same time throwing an unbelievable tantrum when subjected to serious criticism. This is ludicrous and immature on so many levels. Gaming isn’t for you, anymore. Gaming is for everyone. Everyone gets to have their say, to make their criticism, and gaming doesn’t need you to defend it.

    The only thing left for these people to do is put their toys back in the pram and huddle together as the tide rises against them, until they wake up in five year’s time and realise that Assassin’s Creed 7 was actually a pretty good game, even though they had to waste three precious seconds flicking the gender over to ‘male’ on the character creation screen so they can feel comfortable again. Change is inevitable, especially when half of the freaking gamers in the country are women and actually want to play some games that don’t treat them like disposable trash.

    So, here’s another change for you: if you really think feminism, or women, are destroying games, or that LGBT people and LGBT relationships have no place in games, or that games in any way belong to you or are “under attack” from political correctness or “social justice warriors”: please leave this website. I don’t want your clicks, I don’t want your hits, I don’t want your traffic. Leave now and please don’t come back.

  • Guess it worked out for you and me. When the Nia Khera Hallowmont collapsed, you were there, and reached out your hand. And thanks to you, I’m still here… Stop grinning like an idiot!"

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